Tuesday, March 17, 2015

House Updates | The Living Room

The living room!
Or as I like to call it...where I watch TV and avoid being productive.
(The struggle is real.)

Our new home has two living rooms / sitting rooms.
We've decided to turn the second one into our game room, and use this one for the TV room.


Yay pocket doors!

Both entrances to this room have pocket doors.
Not only is this exciting because...uh...pocket doors, but also because it can double as an additional guest room!
Sorry little brother, you have to stay on the couch.


 Bonus photos of how the guys carried plaster from the top floor to the dumpster!

Hi Torry!

The only patch of carpet left in the whole house.
How I despise you pee carpet.
Your days are numbered.

The insulation began in December of 2014.
3 months later and all I have left is 3 small sections in the third bedroom.

Also....our new gigantic picture window (I think it's around 28 sq feet). 
Now we can watch TV with the neighbors.

There's the pee carpet again.
Still not gone.

Break time!

I'll post more updates when I have some.

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