Tuesday, March 17, 2015

House Updates | The Kitchen

The kitchen.
When I walked into what would become our new home the first thing I saw was the kitchen.
Food sludge, hair, stains, you get the picture (literally. I took some. They're down there ↓)
The cabinets had holes in them (probably a hammer or boot).
The hinges were broken.
The flooring was nasty.
It all had to go.
And go it did.
We were left with a clean slate and are slowly rebuilding our kitchen!



A lovely little potty closet.
One and a half is better than one!


This was in our wall.

There is a stove in my doorway.
And yes, it's functional.

Meet Wayne Bruce!
aka Batbat.
Fluffy, rabid mammal by day.
Vigilante by night.

(Wayne died shortly after this photo was taken.)
(RIP Batbat)

The debut of our new door!

There was brick on the wall in part of the kitchen. 
We wanted to keep it exposed but, sadly, were unable to.
*sad face*

Bamboo floors!
Tyler and I had some disagreements about the flooring.
We both agreed that we did not want tile.
I simply a not a fan.
I spend a lot of time baking and tile makes my feet hurt, and I'm not going to wear shoes in my house just so I can stand on tile.

I decided that I wanted a nice laminate.
Tyler wanted wood.
I said that we couldn't get new wood floors for one part of the house, but keep the original wood floors in the rest of the house.
"It'll look stupid"
I believe those were my words.
So anyway, we came to the compromise of getting wood [or bamboo] floors that would match the color we will eventually put in the rest of the house.
Compromise ladies and gentlemen.
It's the KEY.
(Tyler doesn't agree with my 'happy wife, happy life' philosophy.)

More drywall!
(I have a feeling that we may be the only people that notice the progression in some of the photographs....)

The end....for now.

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