Sunday, March 8, 2015

House Updates | Game Room

One of the fantastic things about our new house (we think, anyway) is having a game room!
A room that's big enough for a large group to gather and play games.
Or, if you ask the husband, play ping pong.


There's an enormous built-in along one wall.
We would have kept it, but the shelves are so narrow and deep that I'd have to crawl inside every time I wanted a movie or a book.
Don't mind me, just climbing into my bookcase.
Yeah...I don't think so.
The shelves must go.

Deonata and Torry have been fantastic help!

We wouldn't be where we are today without them lugging huge containers of plaster out to the dumpster.

Have to wear masks when you're dealing with plaster dust.
That stuff is NASTY.
It's worse than the semester in art school when we had to use charcoal everyday.
Two words:
sneezing black.

Yes, plaster is worse than that.
But that part is done now!


I've finally finished insulating and I can honestly say that I will not miss it.
Tyler and I are actually trying to figure out which is worse; plaster dust or insulation.
The verdict is still out, and the world may never know.

Yay pocket doors!

The built in is halfway gone!

Right now this room is kind of tool central.
It's also where we are storing all of our kitchen cabinets until we install the new floor.
It hasn't changed much in the last few weeks, but luckily it's probably the room that needs the least work.

Until next time.
Stay classy internet!