Sunday, September 6, 2015

Another Update | Actual Consistency....?

First of all:
I haven't been blogging much because my keyboard was broken.
You think 'i's and 'k's are important?
You have NO idea until those buttons no longer function.
How do you type without an 'i' or 'k'?!
You copy and paste, that's how.
And yes, it's as much of a pain in the BUTT as it sounds.
So that, my friends, is why this blog has been dead.
How did the keyboard break, you might ask?
Let's just say that it involves me being home alone, a can of Dr. Pepper, and paint.

Luckily super Tyler bought a new keyboard and replaced the old one!
So now we can type without ctrl+shift+v!!!


this. This. THIS.
Newly discovered and instantly loved.
Jim Beam Honey Bourbon.
We love Bourbon anyway, but who knew that adding some honey to it would make it magic?
Legit magic.
Pretty sure this means unicorns are real.

Last but not least, the third 'update';
I have no idea when we will be in the house.
I have given up on a timeline.
I *think* it will be sometime in the next couple weeks but I have thought that before.
Several times, in fact.
I have decided to give up on a time line or 'target date'.
All those do is stress you out and discourage you.
I'm mostly anxious to get moved because I'd like to finally start producing some art at a consistent rate, as well as post photos of our progress.
I've been taking them, but I haven't been good about posting them
I'm getting burnt out, we both are, but we are trying to remember that we are so close and in the end we can't take it with us anyway.
Do what you can and know it's ok!

That about wraps up this post. 
I'm hoping to blog more consistently from now on.
I have some reviews of hair prodcuts coming soon.
My dear friend, Emily (of Emily Only Prettier) has given me some products to review for her and I'm excited to share with those interested whether or not they are worth the purchase.

Until then, stay classy and avoid situations with paint, Dr Pepper, and laptops.

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