Thursday, September 17, 2015

Tyra and Chrissy Sound Off About Infertility

I stumbled upon this clip from Tyra Banks' new show 'The FABLife' and was brought to tears. 
 My respect for Tyra and Chrissy grew a lot after I saw this video. 
It's not easy to put fertility struggles (past or present) out in the open, because it also opens you up to new types of hurtful comments and scrutiny. 
When I say that [hurtful comments and scrutiny], I get a lot of push back.
"Well I know people who have IF and they have never had hurtful comments."
I'm really glad.
But I have.
And 98% of the women with infertility that I interact with [and there are a lot. I am involved in an international online support group] have as well.
We have been told "Get over it."
"Kids are expensive anyway, you're lucky you don't have any."
"You must be doing something wrong."
"If you are sad about infertility it means you don't love God."
"I don't care if my pregnancy is hard for you, it'll teach you a lesson."
"If God wanted you to be a mom you would be."
"Fertility treatments are a sin. You're not going to do IVF are you?"
It's all ignorance.
Most of the time people don't mean to hurt you, but one cares how you meant it.
We care what you said.
We educate ourselves on the proper etiquette when interacting with cancer patients, amputees, disabled people, and different races.
Why then, do you get a pass for one of the most common diseases of all?
Infertility is a disease, and together we can remove the shame of it.

It's amazing to see so many high profile people speak out about this disease. 
Because it is a disease. 
Bravo ladies.

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