Thursday, July 23, 2015

Life Update

As I sit here in the dark, with a keyboard that hardly works, (a large part of no recent posts) I think back to when I thought I knew stress.
I'll be there again I'm sure.
And while I won't share everything going on (because not everything needs shared),
I will just say that it's amazing what stress can and will do to your body.
I'm fairly certain I'm coming down with my third bout of Shingles in 3 years.
Second in 5 months.
I'm having a flare.
I can't sleep.
I watch Batman everyday for background noise.
And the only thing I want to eat are chicken nuggets.

We are hoping to move into the house soon.
We were supposed to already be in, but some unforeseen frustrations have occurred and we will be slightly delayed.
It's to be expected I suppose.
Things have gone mostly according to plan up until now.
I should have known something would happen sooner or later....Grrrrr....

So with so much on my plate and a broken keyboard to top it all off,
needless to say I won't be posting many updates until after we are snug inside our home.
At which time I will be locking myself inside and never leaving.

1 comment:

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