Wednesday, May 20, 2015

The Infertility Companion | The Spiritual Struggle

"Proverbs 30 compares a barren womb to other powerful forces of nature, and for the first time I really felt that God knew - that he not only accepted me with all my "crazy" emotions, but that he created me to have them and he understood the way they affected me." Great wisdom in God's work and in 'The Infertility Companion'.

If you haven't picked up 'The Infertility Companion' yet  I highly recommend you do so. Even if you haven't been diagnosed with infertility,  you know someone who has. 
This book was a collaboration between a doctor and a woman who struggled for years and still hasn't had the 'happy ending' so many people tell you will inevitably happen. 
It's full of facts, experience, and truth. 
You can find it on Amazon for $13.99 or less.

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