Monday, May 12, 2014

Testing | The Plan and The 'Easy Stuff'

    Our first appointment with our RE went well. I wasn't blown away by my doctor, but she seems competent and was very nice (she's also the only one within 200 miles...). She answered all of our questions, we went over family and personal history, discussed medications and tests, and here we are! My first two tests were last Thursday (ultrasound, cycle day 3 bloodwork), and my HSG is....tomorrow!
    My ultrasound wasn't too bad, just a little uncomfortable, but the tech was great and there wasn't any pain. She even laughed at my lame "you really should buy me dinner first" joke.
    I'm getting pretty nervous about my HSG. It's uncomfortable for most people, painful for some, and then others hardly feel a thing. Hopefully I'm the latter. I'm still going to take my prescribed 800 milligrams of Ibuprofen, though.
    Part of me wants them to find something (that's easily fixable, of course), but part of me doesn't. At least if they find something, they know what to fix, but if they don't, well, I'm still not pregnant, so they'll have to just try different things and hope they work.
    If we are diagnosed with unexplained infertility, our recommended plan of action is to take Femera (helps ovulation), an HCG trigger to control when I ovulate, and an IUI (intro-uterine insemination). It won't be as expensive as IVF, but it's still not going to be much fun.

    What the heck. Making babies is supposed to be 'fun', people! I'm a little bitter (and unapologetic) here.
    Ok, moving on...

    Anyway...the worst thing right now is that the antibiotics they have me on (to protect from infection during my HSG) are making me feel like crap. Headaches and nausea and just UGH. So if this post is a little hard to follow and painful to read, I blame the meds.
   That's about I guess next time I check in I will have a nice photo of my ute.


  1. Good luck! My HSG wasn't too bad. It was more uncomfortable than painful and over in a matter of minutes. Hopefully yours goes smoothly!

  2. Thanks guys! It wasn't too bad, and it had to be done. haha

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