Sunday, April 10, 2016

Why Hire a Birth Photographer?

    I get this question a lot. Having a baby is a big (and expensive) life change, so when someone tells you to hire a birth photographer, you want to know if it's worth it.
   I wrote down some of the top reasons why having a professional photographer at your birth is worth it and why I've never met someone who regretted having one.

1. Did you hire a wedding photographer?
    [Nearly] everyone who has been married hired a photographer for their wedding day. Let's face it, we spend hundreds for wedding photos because we don't end up remembering much from that day. It goes by so fast and we want to make sure we have evidence of all the important events. Why would you treat birth any differently? You probably won't remember much, and after a year, 10 years, or 20 years, most of the details will have faded. That child will never be born again, and none of those moments will ever happen twice!

2. A professional knows what they're doing.
    The cameras on our phones are great for getting snippets of day to day life, but when the only light is from a lamp in the corner of the room, or dad comes running to see his baby for the first time, or when baby opens her eyes for only for a second, your phone won't be capable of capturing that moment. Birth photographers know how birth and labor works, we know what moments to prepare for, and what settings our cameras need to be on to get every detail without blurs. A professional is also able to convey the emotions in the room through a photo, something an iPhone simply can't do.

3. Free up dad/your birth team.
    Some of my favorite photos are of dad seeing his baby for the first time. Those photos won't exist if he's the one taking them. Everyone is so excited and busy when the baby is born that no one other than your photographer is worried about taking photos when you see your baby for the first time. Dad also can't hold your hand or rub your back if he's focused on attempting the same shots that your photographer would get. We need dad's full attention and support! He'll be far more concerned about you than getting a picture while you push or baby is being cleaned off.

4. Convenience. 
    New moms are busy and tired! You don't have the time or energy to go through hundreds of photos and delete the duds, edit properly, and organize your favorites. A birth photographer will do all of this and deliver them ready for you to enjoy.

5. Fresh 48.
    Birth is a private time when you can feel very vulnerable. Not everyone is comfortable with having someone snapping photos of them while laboring and giving birth. If you don't want photos of the laboring and birthing process, but you still want photos of those precious first moments with your baby, look into a Fresh 48 Session. Your photographer remains on call and arrives to photograph your newly expanded family within the first 48 of birth. By this time you are able to dress, eat, and have some private moments with your partner and new baby. 


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