Tuesday, October 27, 2015

IVIG | In The Works

    In my last IVIG post I talked about being on the phone with a lot of different companies and trying to get some extended insurance coverage to help pay for my treatment. Well, we got some good news! The original company I was signed up to go with was MedProX. They called me just a few days after my last post and said that they have a sister company, BioRX, that is in network! Not only does our insurance cover it completely but our deductible that comes out for the IVIG will also go towards any fertility treatments we decide to do! We were ready for some good news. Though it seems like it does all come in waves, so I am trying to balance my hope and bracing myself for the next wave of rough stuff.
    I was scheduled to start my IVIG yesterday (October 26), but the lovely employee at BioRX who was in charge of my 'case' never sent my paperwork in. Fantastic. Now the doctor has the paperwork but he hasn't signed it yet. I informed them that they will be hearing from me at least twice a day every day until the job is done. I'm actually on the phone with them right now, checking to see if my doctor sent the paperwork in (spoiler: he didn't).
   I swear guys, it's easier to get a Target order corrected than it is to get your medical information sent where it needs to be. It's incredibly frustrating and terrifying.
    Moving on....my first day of infusion is going to be pretty long. The average infusion time is 4 hours, but the first couple days will be 5-6 hours, just to see how I respond to it. I'm hoping not to get any migraines with it but at this point, I'll take it if it means I can get better. This treatment couldn't come at a better time. I'm in a lot of pain lately and my joints are so sore. Yesterday my thumb decided to just randomly start bleeding, and my leg thought it would be a good time to get stiff.
    I'm hoping that when I call the doctor again in about an hour the paper will have been sent through. Faxing's hard y'all.

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