Wednesday, December 17, 2014

House Updates | The Master Bedroom

Tyler and I have been so excited and anxious to start work on the house. 
We are so ready to move in now.
The house, unfortunately, is not.
During our time in Danville we've made some great friends.
Great friends come in handy when you're redoing an entire house.
Lucky for us, one of those friends wasn't busy the other night.
They demoed the entire master bedroom in just a few hours!
Plaster and lath demo.


(Sadly this is our only before photo)


Tyler and Michael working hard!

Not only do you have to knock down the plaster and tear out the lath,
all the trim has to come off as well.
Not a huge deal if you're just going to toss it, but we want to keep the original trim (obviously).
So taking the trim off can be a very tedious process.

I love the old, thick trim.

Another plus;
the house still has the old iron vent covers, too!

Watch where you step!

Can you say, tetanus?

My favorite part was when I got to kick a hole in the wall.

We've got a long way to go, but we'll get there.

3 Month Updates!

Time for an update folks!
3 months later and we have insulation, new windows, and are on our way to having walls!

Yay for exposed brick!

The view from our room is fun because i can peer down at our [currently] ugly patio and creep out my guests.

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